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STAYin(g)Rural Project Launch - May 2019

STAYin(g)Rural Project Launch meeting hosted in South Tyrone by Queen's University Belfast (QUB)

STAYin(g)Rural Study Team - May 2019

Project 'Kick-Off' meeting to be hosted by Queen's University, Belfast in the South Tyrone Study Area, Northern Ireland - 22nd-24th May 2019 

All members of the project team will descend upon the small settlement of Garvaghey in South Tyrone for this important start to the project. Given this is the launch meeting, it will be the first time many of the team members meet.  

The meeting will include an introduction to the study area, including a guided tour by the host team members Prof. Aileen Stockdale and Dr. Sara Ferguson. There will also be a period of discussion to agree upon project practicalities, consider and plan for the early research stages of the project, and an opportunity to meeting some of the local stakeholders in the area.